Monday, 28 March 2011

{A Word A Day}

Apparently cellar-door is the most pleasing word, or set of words, in the English. I quite like the sound of these ones though...

sylph - a graceful and slender young woman.

euphony - a bearable or agreeable sound.

quixotic - extremely romantic and chivalrous.

crepuscule - twilight; dusk.

nepenthe - something, such as a drink or a drug, capable of making one forget suffering.

exosculate - to kiss fervently or heartily.

lacuna - a blank space or missing part.

euonym - a pleasing or beautiful name.

quarender - a dark red apple.

halcyon - calm and peaceful; tranquil. Prosperous; gold.

soigné - showing sophisticated elegance; fashionable. Well-groomed; polished.

phalerate - decorated; made beautiful.
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