Friday, 30 November 2012

{Look For The Girl With Sun In Her Eyes}

Last month, in the company of my favourite Italian, I escaped the torrential rain of Leeds for a jaunt over the Pennines and towards the sea. We arrived in Liverpool bright and early, and headed straight for the Albert Docks. 

As a keen Beatles fan (especially Mr. Lennon), I yelped with excitement whenever I saw something relating to them. In the city proud to have borne and raised (arguably) the world's biggest band, this meant a lot of yelping.

Obviously we had to make a stop at the Beatles' museum. Despite my firm distrust of other museums (I think I'm missing the big idea), I donned my headphones with glee and we spent a good few hours cavorting around the various rooms. There's a scale model of the Cavern Club where the boys played nightly. For some odd reason I had never heard of the Cavern Club, and was grossly rebuked by the Italian. Embarrassing when a foreigner knows more about your country than you!

'We all live in a...'

If you're into The Beatles as much as I am, or even if you're not, be sure to watch Across The Universe. It's a musical focused on 1960s Liverpool/NY, with music taken from The Beatles' songbook. With the beautiful Jim Sturgess (One Day) as lead, you can't go wrong..

Much to my delight, we were able to track down the actual Cavern Club and settled down to watch live acts perform from our favourite genre of music. Man I wish I was born in the 60s! At least I got to pretend I was for the day.

All these bands signed their names on the back wall. So many legacies on one piece of brick.

Warmed by our Cavern Club ciders, we hopped back on an evening bus and promptly fell asleep with Beatles' music in our ears. Polished off the evening with a re-watch of Nowhere Boy in the warmth of my bed - if only John Lennon had actually been that good looking..

Ps. My favourite Beatles' song... what's yours? Blackbird and Here Comes The Sun are close runners up but I just love the lyrics in In My Life.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

{Come Hide Away With Me}

The clocks have gone back, the temperature has dropped, and Leeds was even witness to some snowflakes in the drunken early hours of Saturday morning. Duvet days turn into duvet months (I'm not complaining), and hot Ribena is no longer restricted to childhood sick days. There's never been a better time to build a cosy den, snuggle down and hibernate. Wake me up when the sun shines again!

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{Double Or Nothing}

'It takes a certain type of women to wear a backless dress with a Beretta 70 strapped to her thigh.'

I definitely would not say I'm an avid 'Bond Girl'; sadly lacking in Leo, singing or English subtitles as they are. However: 'expand your horizons, expand your mind' and all that! As Daniel Craig Bond films go, Skyfall is the one for me. It's all about a return to Old School in our rapidly evolving world. Cue the vintage cars, old-fashioned gadgets and retro glamour. Right up my street! Whilst always exotic in nature, much of the plot centred itself in commuter London - which only doubled my excitement. Skyfall had me hooked from the ever-stunning opening credits, and I left the cinema a converted Bond fan. My good friend Wikipedia tells me there are 23 films and 8 suave Bond boys in total, better get started...

And finally, (purely for in-depth sartorial analysis, obviously)...

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

{A Very Mad Tea Party}

'There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.

Which luckily I am.' - The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland.

To celebrate the 22nd Birthday of a dear friend, four of us tottered off to the Sanderson Hotel to 'tumble down the rabbit hole'. We put on a Mad Hatter's Tea Party of our own, with a little help from the Sanderson, and were not disappointed. Having practically melted outside in the rare London sun, we were led to the beautiful Courtyard Garden - our cool Oasis for the afternoon. Sipping on champagne and cocktails is the perfect way to while away a hot and humid day. The three-tiered stand of freaky treats was just the icing on the (exploding) cake.
The Courtyard Garden at The Sanderson
The eccentric menu includes a free glass of champagne or cocktail, plus unlimited tea

The food is not only delicious, but beautifully presented on a vintage cake stand. Three layers of sweets, including scones with clotted cream and jam, were ours to demolish in style.  

I enjoyed a cocktail called 'The Vivid Hour', made of Earl Grey infused Absolut Vodka, raspberry vodka and Framboise liqueur shaken with fresh raspberries and grapefruit. Delicious, and so refreshing! 

There were little 'Drink Me' bottles with layer surprises, coffee and chocolate clock cakes, and an 'Eat Me' strawberry mousse cake. So in keeping with the original Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

One lollipop turned your mouth hot and cold as you turned it over, while the other exploded in your mouth with a crackle. Very Heston Blumenthal-esque, except these were actually delicious!

Even the bathrooms were cool; with giant mirrors to gaze into.
The service was impeccable, the location was magical and the food was delightful - we left the hotel slightly overdosed on sugar, but very happy.

'You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.' - Alice, Alice in Wonderland.
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{Same Deep Water As You}

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