Friday, 20 July 2012

{Bella Bologna}

As the final sojourn of my year abroad I took a trip to Bologna in Italy to visit a great friend from 1st semester - Gianlorenzo. We always had the wildest nights out, and I prepared myself for a weekend partying as I stepped off the plane in beautiful and sunny Bologna.

View from Gianlorenzo's apartment

One of the 'secret' windows of Bologna
This was on the way to a party on my first night, after a long lunch of fresh mozzarella, cured ham and delicious fruit and vegetables. Everything done super-chilled, as is Italy's style. At the party we ate gigantic pizzas and garlic bread, and I met copious gorgeous Italians. If I could be more like any nationality, it would be the Italians without a doubt. I even managed to communicate with those who don't speak English (a lot of hand motions and swear words).  The most pressing issue seemed to be the difference between BITCH and BEACH, which I cleared up for them. We ended the night with MORE pizza at a cafĂ© which was open at 3 and nothing like the late-night food that England serves up to us! Fresh, and delicious!

Giacamo's Garden

7am return from a 6pm bbq
On the second night we took a train out to the hills of Bologna and had a BBQ at a friend's house. We ate incredible food, stayed up late drinking and lay back and watched the stars roll in. The sky is so clear and unpolluted out there, making for majestic sights. It's evenings like this that I thank god I did my year abroad.

Riots in Bologna

Neptune's Fountain

Gianlorenzo and I

The last fleeting image as I said goodnight to Bologna and my year abroad.

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