Tuesday, 10 July 2012

{Southbound Train}

Travel is my passion, and travelling by train is the DON of this pursuit. No nasty airport queues, no petrol stops, and no seasickness. You can't beat the views either.. as I've shown you below. Travelling by night train is by far one of my favourite ways to spend a night; being gently rocked to sleep in your little bed/cubby hole with a soothing soundtrack in your ears. Saying that, there is something to be said for the strange bunch of morning after revellers + business men on the first train in the morning. I did this after attending the Lyon festival of lights last winter, and felt a poignant feeling of calm falling asleep on new friends before parting for the warmth of our own beds.

So far my most notable journeys have been:

 Barcelona --> Paris - my cousins and I had the frankly ingenious idea of hitting up the Market of la Boqueria for midnight supplies beforehand. We munched our little picnic of fresh fruit salads, Barcelona bread and delectable cheese + sausage.. and went to sleep full and content. 

Prague ---> Zurich - my first ever overnight train experience, and a surreal feeling of setting up the bunk beds with two Italian and two American strangers. We drank tea and ate biscuits with a bunch of Swiss boys while watching the sun come up over the Swiss mountains. Surreal moments, and why I love to travel.

Colorado --> Chicago - my longest journey; and the reclining leather chair felt like feather pillows after a week camping and rafting through the Colorado and Utah mountains. Groggily waking up to outstanding views of the Mississippi river or American mountains was the best kind of wake up call. 

Limoges --> Souillac - an old favourite, I've probably done this route a dozen times - delivering us at my best friend's family home on the Dordogne. Ever year this becomes more nostalgic, while the return journey home is tinged with a little bit more sadness as the years go on and the friends become more dear. There is nothing quite like stepping off the train in Souillac into the heat, sounds and smells of the summer evening. The knowledge that we are going to laugh, canoe, swim and cook for two weeks straight wraps us up in its familiar blanket.  If I could bottle that feeling I think I'd be a millionaire. 

Essential Travel Companions...

Notable views from my window...

The gloriously green North Italian countryside
Somewhere between Colorado and Chicago 

Snowy Summer Mountains in the US


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