Thursday, 14 February 2013

{Heidelberg en Hiver}

Now I know it's very late to be posting about Christmas (or very early?!), but what with the current chilly atmosphere back home I thought some snowy scenes from Heidelberg would be quite appropriate.

I went for a whirlwind visit in December, to see a French friend who is studying there + a German pal who I studied with in Montpellier. Cue a weekend of cracking out the rusty French!

I would heartily recommend a winter weekend in Heidelberg to anyone who is feeling a bit scroogish come December this year. The Germans KNOW how to do Christmas! None of the tacky crap that the UK seems to specialise in, the entire city was beautifully and tastefully decorated. There's something about that cold, crisp air too that gets you in the Christmassy mood! We drank plenty of Gluh Wein (mulled wine) to warm our bones after long strolls around the city.

Our Gallic pal took us out to a typical French bistro where we cracked open the red wine and feasted on casseroles mopped up with copious amounts of French bread. Such a treat!

If my weekend is anything to go by, an important part of a German's Christmas experience is frequent pauses for tea and biscuits. I'm not complaining!

In the evenings, we'd head to the famous Christkindelmarkt (Christmas market) in the city centre to enjoy pancakes washed down with more Gluh Wein. We'd then make the trek up what felt like 1000s of steps (while I peeled off layer after sweaty layer and silently cursed my Nutella and Baileys crepe). The view from the top of the hill made the struggle up worth it though, as you can see below.

We would all huddle around the fire and warm ourselves with... even more Gluh Wein! It goes down a beaut.

Late in the evening, with our bellies full and our bones sufficiently warmed, we'd waddle tipsily down the stone steps towards our cosy beds! A perfect weekend.

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