Sunday, 17 February 2013

{Sunday Evening Suppers}

We have a tradition in my (University) house. We've held to it since 2010, every Sunday that we've been up in Leeds. Mid-week, amidst our copious deadlines and seminars, someone will suggest a main and accompanying dessert. The desired outcome? Simple, cheap and delicious food. Think bangers and mash, apple crumble, Thai curry, Victoria sponge cake. There will then be a mad scramble to be on shopping/cooking/baking duty because otherwise.. it's the dreaded washing-up duty for you. If we have guests, they usually bring with them a couple bottles of red wine to prolong that weekend feeling. 

Why do we insist on this weekly tradition for our little quasi-family? Increasingly, our lives are consumed by dissertations, coursework with the occasional added bonus of socialising with course-mates. The weekend is then usually devoted to a generous level of merriment and debauchery  all of which requires  a lengthy post-mortem (aka gossiping). By the time the dreaded Sunday evening rolls around, it's a delight not to hole ourselves up in our rooms in a state of hungover melancholy but instead to gather round the table to dissect the weeks behind and in front of us. 

It's usually a raucous affair, and many a landmark conversation has taken place at our dining room table. We may not be resolving the state of the world, nor creating gourmet cuisine, but I firmly believe our little dinners are good for the soul. After graduation you'll be sure to find me, of a Sunday evening, still sneaking my way into my dear friends' houses to mess up their kitchens.

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