Tuesday, 26 March 2013

{Out With The Old...}

Since I'm home for Easter, I decided that the essays and coursework could be put on hold while I try and gather some much-needed pennies for the summer. I've got a trip to NY and San Fran that needs funding, plus a Latitude festival ticket just a late-night click away. With this in mind, I gathered together all the clothes that I may love, but don't technically need right now. On the way, I worked out that I own something like 60/70 dresses - hey, no judging, at least i'm trying to address my ASOS addiction! After amassing all our wares, my fellow festival lover Meg came round for a little photoshoot. In between copious cups of tea and a long catch-up, she braved the freezing outdoors to model both our clothes for ASOS Marketplace. Check out her collection here and mine right here. I also put some stuff on Ebay here, after Meg froze into a statue. 

I know I should be saving any profits for a rainy day summer, but a girl can always dream...

Click on the numbers below for the links.

01. Creme de la Creme Print, £20.
02. Japanese Kimono, £68.
03. Raspberry Nike Blazers, £70.
04. Handmade Leather Camera Bag, £84.
05. Herschel Sports Holdall, £85.
06. Liberty Print Suitcase, £65.
07. Beaded French Connection Dress, £220.

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