Sunday, 3 March 2013

{Viva Fazenda}

For Valentine's Day this year, my Yorkshire pal and I decided the best way to celebrate was to gorge ourselves on as many different cuts of meat as possible... so Fazenda in Leeds immediately sprang to mind. I've been hearing excited whispers of this haven for meat lovers for a couple of years now, and just needed to find the perfect excuse to go. I don't think I've ever planned or looked forward to a dining experience more, which is a sure-fire way to end up disappointed and hungry. Fortunately, Fazenda has so many gastronomic tricks up its sleeves that it delivers on all counts, and more.

 A floating fireplace in the foyer! I could have left a happy girl, right there and then. Fortunately, I didn't.

We were greeted and seated, and a lovely waiter talked us through the whole dining experience while we ploughed our way through Floripas (the delicious cocktail in shot) and tried to look like we were concentrating. I won't spoil/bore you all with the details because I hope I'll convince you to visit yourself. Suffice it to say it's pretty unique and a million miles from the 'All You Can Eat (read: Puke Up) For a Fiver' joints that I've unhappily frequented before.

What to say of the meats? After you over-fill your plate at the gourmet salad buffet, cut after cut is delivered right to your table by friendly gaucho chefs who are clearly experts in their field (so try not to offend them by asking for extra well-done). The meat was so perfectly tender, and I declared the filet mignon an outright winner early on (you can take the girl out of France).

I clearly enjoyed the wine a lot! I had a bowl-style glass to contend with so kept my mind firmly on the task at hand, while my pal concentrated on making his way through every single cut of meat, including black pudding and chicken heart (I'll stick to the wine, cheers.) I think he made it to 11 which is a very commedable effort. To my dismay, I was utterly too full to even consider enjoying any kind of delicious dessert, but perhaps that was a crafty plan to ensure another visit ASAP...
If you're in Leeds or even Yorkshire, make sure you check out and go gorge yourself on meat! You won't be disappointed, I promise. I hear there are similar establishments in London for those not blessed with dulcet Northern tones. Note: all photos property of Fazenda, except the one of me!


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  1. Oh i wish I was there right now, that all looks so delicious :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.