Sunday, 7 April 2013

{A Dress A Day}

With the end of semester looming, & with it the end of my university career, the Leeds Summer Ball has been taking up a lot of my daydreaming time. Inevitably there will be a million photos to peruse and detag the morning after the night before, & I imagine these will be the ones to grace family walls & photo albums. A good dress is key, then! I had a little browse on Pinterest for inspiration.. with sequins & glitter definitely emerging as the predominant theme...

All images from my Pinterest Board
After I managed to bring myself back down to earth, I found some great, more affordable dresses on the high street  So far my favourite is the beaded French Connection dress, as I feel like it has a Great Gatsby vibe that I'm really into at the mo. Trust me to pick the second most expensive!
From L-R, Top to Bottom: Free People, Topshop, Lipsy, ASOS marketplace, French Connection, ASOS
Do you have a ball/prom coming up & what are you wearing? I can't wait to get dressed up, drink champagne, & then most likely do outrageous things that make good stories for future grandkids.

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  1. I loooove looking at dresses, I had my prom last year but next year I have a leavers ball for the end of 6th form and I love the classy look of these! Especially the backless gownsxx