Sunday, 29 September 2013

{A Sunday Stroll Through Auteuil}

This afternoon, before the heavens opened over Paris, I popped out for a stroll around my neighbourhood. I must stick out like a sore thumb, always pausing and looking up at the tall, Parisian buildings.. but they are so beautifully grand, I can't help but stare.

This one sort of reminded me of the house in the children's book Madeline. You can just imagine the twelve little girls (in two straight lines) marching out of this house for their morning walk.

I caught this French lady (bottom right) reading the paper amongst the roses in a little park, whiling away her Sunday afternoon. It struck me as a very French scene, so I had to capture it.

There are various forms of transport popular in the neighbourhood. The strangest thing I've observed since being here is that grown men (often in suits) use an old-fashioned scooter to get to work... much like this little girl's - except theirs aren't pink, usually. Not sure if we'll see this catching on in London!

If a pink scooter isn't your thing, how about a blue one...

Or a (pair of) Minis Cooper(s)?

Perhaps a classic beetle is more your style...

But it's probably best to stick with the safe option - a Ferrari. The only way to trump your neighbour (mine is Nicolas Sarkozy) in the 16th!

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