Sunday, 8 September 2013

{Red Bull Illume}

I'm currently interning at a place where it's all things beach. I spend my days researching the best beaches, and all the hot new places and products with a beach vibe. A hard life, I know! On one of my treasure hunts, I came across these photos from the Red Bull Illume Contest 2013. Check out my favourites and then head over to the site to see the top 50 in full:

Category Finalist 2013: Wings
Photographer: Benjamin Ginsberg

Category Finalist 2013: Wings
Photographer: Dimitrios Kontizas

Category Finalist 2013: Sequence
Photographer: Zakary Noyle

Category Finalist 2013: Close Up
Photographer: Stuart Gibson

Category Finalist 2013: Lifestyle by Leica
Photographer: Morgan Maassen

Category Finalist 2013: Spirit
Photographer: Stuart Gibson

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