Monday, 30 September 2013

{Merci: Enduring Love}

Merci to the book Enduring Love (by Ian McEwan), bought in a bookshop in Le Marais this weekend. I have limited internet access, but this novel kept me preoccupied as I consumed it greedily over the weekend. It's a psychological thriller about Erotomania - a delusion that makes people believe that a stranger is in love with them. Nothing is ever as it seems with Ian McEwan though, which is what makes Enduring Love such a page-turner. A big recommend!

It reminded me of one of my favourite Audrey Tautou films: He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not. A seriously creepy but thrilling film where once again everything is not as it seems. And so refreshing to see Audrey Tautou outside of her usual cutesy, Amelie-style role - although of course I love that too!

I also watched the trailer of Enduring Love featuring Rhys Ifans and Daniel Craig (what a dreamy cast) - it looks like a great watch. Perhaps not something to watch alone in my studio though!

Can any recommend some good books/films to keep me company on 3G-less nights?

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