Thursday, 26 September 2013

{Merci: Journey Home}

A big MERCI to Paris for providing the backdrop to my journey home from work. It provides so many charming details that I'm always entertained.

As my bus takes me over the Pont Mirabeau, the Eiffel Tower looms into view - grand and assuming, but always beautiful. 

I pass a high school and see two teenagers embracing each other in a way I thought existed only in French films en noir et blanc. I love their lack of inhibition. 

The stroll down to my studio brings me past the Pizzeria d'Auteuil, one of the best in Paris according to Coralie, my boss (and neighbour!). She's prepped me about the attractive, flirty waiters - and sure enough, as I walk past the window I catch one in the act of changing for his evening shift. He shows no sign of embarrassment, instead he flashes a cheeky grin and carries on removing his clothes.
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