Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Today, on my way home from a super fun day at work, I spotted an Italian deli across my street that looked totally authentic and perfect for tonight's supper (yes, I know I'm in Paris but who am I to resist proper Italian delicacies?!)

I stepped into this traditional Italian wonderland with mouth agape, and was met by a friendly, slightly rotund man with an excellent moustache. As I wandered around the teeny deli, crammed full of every Italian specialty you could wish for, this charming man asked me how I was. When I returned the favour, he declared (in French): 

'Well, now we've seen each other, everything is just great, 
don't you think?'

What a charmer! I almost bought everything in the shop just like that. Of course I blushed and turned away smiling, to choose what to serve up for my little meal-for-one this evening. This is what I went for in the end...

A good choice no? My new favourite friend bagged everything up for me and even popped a little packet of breadsticks in 'for the journey.' I didn't have the heart to tell him I lived just opposite!

I practically flew up the seven flights of stairs to my little home (OK, I didn't quite fly - they are a real workout), thanks to this lovely man. He inspired me to start a new series on the blog, where I say MERCI to someone or something that has made my day. After all, it's the little things in life! 

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