Saturday, 14 September 2013

{Steak & Cake}

Lately, Friday nights have become Date Nights, with a special package arriving on the train from Yorkshire to meet me after work...

This week we were in the mood for something meaty, the top 'lad' of the culinary world. Enter, Flat Iron. Tucked away behind Carnaby Street in Soho, this little steak haven would have remained a secret if it weren't for the excited whispers we heard around the city. So good were the reviews, it flew straight to the top of our to-do list. 


We arrived super-keen straight after work as we've heard that the queue (no reservation) can last a couple hours, by which time you're so merry from the potent cocktails drunk downstairs that you order three steaks and don't remember it at all the next morning. Fortunately, we were saved from this gluttonous fate as we walked straight in and got a table. The simple menu is pinned up on the wall with little option but to go for the flat iron steak (that's what we came for, anyway) with a side of chips and Roast Aubergine to share. 

While we waited for our steaks we guzzled merrily on beers and popcorn (ok, I guzzled on the popcorn) and deconstructed the week.

And here's the beauty itself. The steaks are presented on iron and wooden boards with salad and sauce on the side (I went for BĂ©arnaise, and never looked back). Cooked medium-rare, the lived up to all expectations - but I must give a special mention to the Aubergine. Roasted alongside tomatoes, basic and parmesan - it was frigging delicious and the perfect accompaniment to the juicy meat (dare I say, even more so than the mediocre chips).

In our books, a date isn't a real date without cake. Chocolate cake. As full as we were from Flat Iron, as we walked through Soho and spotted Patisserie Valerie we knew there was only one option... 

The perfect end to Date Night. 
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  1. I went to Feast today and Flat Iron had a stall there. Their beef belly with horseradish was by far and away my favourite thing of the day! (and I ate a LOT!)

    I hope your date was a success :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. I really wanted to go to Feast it looked amazing! Hope you had fun X