Monday, 28 October 2013

{Autumn in Paris}

Autumn in Paris might just be my favourite season (OK, it's the only one I've experienced so far, but still!). The leaves are turning from green to a beautiful melange of orange & brown, and with that comes all the cosy fall activities I love; like pumpkin-hunting, candle-lighting and hat-wearing. Here's a little round-up of autumnal activities, which you can do just about anywhere (except maybe Australia). 

I made potpourri from some roses which were on their way out. It's a great way to hold onto flowers for sentimental reasons, and it makes your house smell great! I used these instructions to make my potpourri. 

One rainy Saturday we donned our wellies and headed out into the countryside surrounding Paris, near Versailles. Our mission: Find A Pumpkin. We stopped at La Ferme de Gally which is a beautiful place with a huge farm shop, cafĂ©... and petting farm! Hours of fun.

I was slightly wary of the goats, having grown up with two very gruff ones in our garden. These French ones were just adorable though, and didn't mind being stroked at all. Perhaps it's an English thing...

Here's the result of our pumpkin expedition, impressive no? I think they look all the more spooky at dusk, with the Parisian rooftops in the background. 

What autumnal things have you been up to? Do let me know!

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