Tuesday, 15 October 2013

{Brunch at Coutume}

Have you been to Coutume? If you're in the 6th, or on the Left Bank, or in Paris at all - then I recommend you stop by. It's a hip café specialising in really great coffee.. apparently. Sadly I don't drink coffee, but the various apparatus dotted around the room certainly make me want to give up the habit of a lifetime and sip on a cup of joe. They use super cool looking siphons and other equipment to make their coffees, which they serve in test tube-style containers.

We stuck with water in a beaker, and tea. Lots of it. The perfect accompaniment to French hipster spotting, in my humble opinion.

We also ordered a French version of the English cooked breakfast. While it was exceedingly pricey (which made me hanker for fry-ups for under a fiver in Leeds), it was absolutely delicious and unlike any other fry-up I've ever had. Each item had something extra special going on so there were a bazillion different flavours coming at you. Perfection! The hash brown (in this case a potato cake made with feta and dill) was especially beautiful. 

I can't believe it's true but I think the French may have converted me to old adage quality over quantity when it comes to a fry-up... ask me again when I have a hangover though.

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