Monday, 14 October 2013

{A French Picnic}

All day Friday I was buzzing around the office... because I knew I had a special arrival on the late night Eurostar from London! I headed to Gare du Nord late on Friday evening, and joined the masses of other boys and girls waiting for their girlfriends and boyfriends to arrive from their London offices.

There was a great atmosphere as everyone greeted each other, just like Love Actually. I spent a good hour people-watching with a chocolate chaud - the perfect way to while away an evening in my opinion. 

Finally Ian stepped off the train from London, with roses no less! What a treat.

Back home in my studio I'd organised a traditional French Pique-Nique for his first time in the country. I went to the Fromagerie for various cheeses, the Boucherie for saucisson and ham, and the Boulangerie for a baguette and delicious chocolate cakes. And of course I got some cheeky champagne, since we were celebrating one year together! It's so nice to be able to go to a different shop for each item on the shopping list, and know that you are eating the best. That's a real bonus of living in France.

For dessert I bought a Feuille d'automne and a Chocolate Eclair, both of which I can heartily recommend! Although we were so full from the cheese and bread that we had to eat the cakes the following morning. Nothing more extravagant than French pastries for breakfast!

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