Tuesday, 22 October 2013

{Jardin du Luxembourg}

Have you visited the Jardin du Luxembourg? Last Saturday was my first time, and despite all the hype I was not disappointed one bit. Even with hundreds of tourists milling about, the park has become my go-to place when in need of a breather or a little refresh.

There's loads of little nooks with chairs to sit and spend a few hours doing nothing except gazing at statues and fountains. We were even blessed with sunshine on Saturday so I put my feet up and let the rays warm my winter skin. Who needs the 300 days of sunshine in Montpellier, eh? (I do, I really do).

Now's the perfect time to visit the Jardin, as the leaves are slowly changing their colours before they fall. You can even bring a French picnic and spend the day on one of the lawns, before it gets too cold (you'll have to hurry!). 

I chanced upon a game of pétanque/boules in the garden (although this is France, so chances are extremely high). Despite appearances, it's an extremely soothing game to watch, and it's great to see so many people keeping up traditions and using the time to socialise with old friends. 

Did you know that a collection of beehives is called an apiary? Me neither. I stopped off at this beautiful apiary before wandering over to the Montparnasse tower to check out 'the best views in Paris.' More on that later...

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