Wednesday, 30 October 2013

{La Parisienne: Camille}

Everywhere I turn on the streets in Paris, I spot a stylish Parisian girl with the perfect blend of chic and rock'n'roll. They are always dressed immaculately with lustworthy accessories, but also a tiny hint of messiness that somehow completes their outfit. I'm desperate to find out everything about La Parisienne, so I'm enlisting the help of my new friends here.

Camille is our pint-sized graphic designer at (check out all her cool illustrations on the site). She's got the whole bare-faced beauty thing completely down, with the perfect 'gamine' haircut to boot. Not only is she super stylish, Camille is a multi-talented designer - check out the adorable dolls she makes here. A true Parisienne, I quizzed Camille on how to be chic...

What is the one rule that all Parisiennes live by, whether they admit it or not?

No superfluous accessories or colours. Your outfit should almost be like a school uniform; simple lines and colours.

How can you tell a Parisienne from a regular French girl? 

A Parisienne looks like she smells of flowers even if she has dirty hair.

If I were to buy one item today to fit in better with the Parisiennes, what would it be?

A pair of white cotton knickers from Petit Bateau. 

Who is for you the quintessential Parisienne? 

"La Parisienne", created by the illustrator Kiraz.

Can one become a Parisienne or is that something to do with blood?

Only when you don't think about being a Parisienne anymore and instead dream of living in the countryside (complete with walks in the woods on Sundays) have you become a true Parisienne.

Where does La Parisienne like to shop?

And talk me through their beauty routine... 

A Parisienne only uses products from the pharmacy, because they are clean, fresh, good for your health and approved by your dermatologist. For example, the Bioderma H2o Créaline make-up remover is a must-have.

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