Saturday, 26 October 2013

{La Parisienne: Catherine}

Everywhere I turn on the streets in Paris, I spot a stylish Parisian girl with the perfect blend of chic and rock'n'roll. They are always dressed immaculately with lustworthy accessories, but also a tiny hint of messiness that somehow completes their outfit. I'm desperate to find out everything about La Parisienne, so I'm enlisting the help of my new friends here.
You know when you look at a celebrity (Elle Macpherson in my case), and have a little sob at the fact you don't even look half as good as they do, despite being a fair bit younger? Catherine is my real-life example of this. She has a daughter my age, and yet she is the epitome of timeless beauty. Scruffy isn't a word in Catherine's dictionary; even when we're doing manual labour and turn up in our tracksuits and trainers, she has utterly covetable heeled boots on to tackle the task at hand. I had to know her secrets so I quizzed Catherine on all things Parisienne...   

What is the one rule that all Parisiennes live by, whether they admit it or not?

Always carry yourself well. This has two meanings; Parisiennes always keep a great posture, as well as having a certain proudness about them at all times.

How can you tell a Parisenne from a regular French girl? 

Their chic, yet relaxed attitude. 

Something I didn’t know about La Parisienne is...

In the game of seduction, a Parisian girl likes to play...

If I were to buy one item today to fit in better with the Parisiennes, what would it be?

A stylish bag - it completes a Parisienne. 

Can one become a Parisienne or is that something to do with blood? 

It's definitely possible to become Parisienne (I’m from Brittany myself). 

Who is for you the quintessential Parisienne? 

The actress Catherine Deneuve. 

Where do Parisiennes like to hang out?

Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th.

And where do they shop?

Yves Saint Laurent, of course.
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