Wednesday, 16 October 2013

{La Parisienne: Clementine}

Everywhere I turn on the streets in Paris, I spot a stylish Parisian girl with the perfect blend of chic and rock'n'roll. They are always dressed immaculately with lustworthy accessories, but also a tiny hint of messiness that somehow completes their outfit. I'm desperate to find out everything about La Parisienne, so I'm enlisting the help of my new friends here.

Clementine Poidatz, as French readers will know, is a beautiful Parisian actress. I, however, know her as Clem - my Parisienne 'big sister' with a rock'n'roll edge. She constantly keeps me entertained with wild stories about all my most-loved actors, and in turn I teach her the best English phrases - Village Bike being a favourite of hers. Lately I've been watching her make out with Grégory Fitoussi (who you may remember as the delectable Henri Leclair in Mr Selfridge) in French TV series Les Hommes de l'Ombre

Photo Credit: Style Quotidien

Desperate to know how she does it, I quizzed Clementine on the secrets of La Parisienne...

What is the one rule that all Parisiennes live by, whether they admit it or not?

When getting dressed, always wear only three colours or less. If you're wearing a print, this can count as one colour. This is how Parisiennes always stay chic - they can wear bright pops of colour but they never wear too many different colours.

How can you tell a Parisienne from a regular French girl? 
By speaking to them - they way that they talk and their accent differs from a normal French girl.

If I were to buy one item today to fit in better with the Parisiennes, what would it be?

A trench coat.

Photo Credit: Shoppe Girls
Who is for you the quintessential Parisienne? 

Charlotte Gainsbourg (even if she’s half-English).

Photo Credit: Last FM
Can one become a Parisienne or is that something to do with blood? 

It’s not in the blood, it’s an attitude; for example someone like Alexa Chung has something very Parisian about her.

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

Where does La Parisienne like to shop?
Maje, Claudie Pierlot, Vanessa Bruno. Parisian girls are always on the Topshop website though!

And talk me through La Parisienne's beauty regime...

Parisiennes take care of their skin - that’s the most important thing. The bad weather in Paris dries out one's skin, so they make sure not to use water-based products to wash their face - only a makeup remover. 

Parisian girls don’t want to be too tanned so they are super careful in the sun. You won’t even find a spray tan place in Paris!

They try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for example drinking green juices with algae in and eating well. That said, the occasional McDonald's doesn't hurt! Parisians love their comfort food.

P.S. If you want to know more about Clementine Poidatz (trust me, you do), there's a great little interview here.
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