Wednesday, 9 October 2013

{La Parisienne: Coralie}

Everywhere I turn on the streets in Paris, I spot a stylish Parisian girl with the perfect blend of chic and rock'n'roll. They are always dressed immaculately with lustworthy accessories, but also a tiny hint of messiness that somehow completes their outfit. I'm desperate to find out everything about La Parisienne, so I'm enlisting the help of my new friends here.

Coralie is one of the chicest women I know, despite her obsessive Kardashian family and Daily Mail Online addictions. Even when we worked together in London, she had that French 'je ne sais quoi' that British girls lust after and Parisian girls just have. With her Burberry trench coat and charming attitude (especially useful in the world of business), I knew I had to find out her secret. So I quizzed Coralie on the secrets of La Parisienne...

What is the one rule that all Parisiennes live by, whether they admit it or not?
Always find the balance in your look. If you’re wearing a miniskirt, then cover up the décolletage and vice versa.  Parisians wear flat shoes with short skirts or dresses - never heels. Likewise, you should have a perfect of equilibrium of loose and tight on your body - for example pairing skinny jeans with a baggy top. 

How can you tell a Parisenne from a regular French girl? 

They are totally chic, without being too polished. One interesting fact : Parisiennes don't wash their hair every day like New Yorkers or London girls do, instead they will "work" towards only washing their hair once or twice a week. One of their main goals in life is to only have to wash their hair twice a week!

Photo Credit: Cup of Jo

Can one become a Parisienne or is it in one's blood?

Most Parisian girls aren’t actually Parisian, they come from other places in France - so it's definitely not in the blood.

Where does La Parisienne like to shop?

Zadig & VoltaireSoeur,  Maje, Sandro, Isabel Marant and of course they also spend hours at their local Monoprix, H&M and Zara (on the hunt for the best bargains).

Who, for you, is the quintessential Parisienne? 

Inès de la Fressange. 

Photo Credit: Chloe Handbag Addict
And talk me through La Parisienne's beauty regime...

Parisians source everything from their local pharmacy. Skin is the most important factor - it must look flawless, nude.

If I were to buy one item today to fit in better with the Parisiennes, what would it be?
    A leather jacket.

    Photo Credit: Style Snooper Dan
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