Friday, 11 October 2013

{La Parisienne}

While I'm interviewing truly chic Parisiennes on their secrets (which will appear on the blog every Wednesday), I thought I'd give you my two cents - the point of view of a complete amateur. Since I find the allure of La Parisienne is quite difficult to explain in words, I've collected together my favourite images  - with a little help from Pinterest

Hats, sunglasses, blazers, stripes, white shirts... these are all elements of a Parisienne's style. But we all know there's more to a Parisienne than clothes - what sets them apart seems to be their attitude. 

For me, a quintessential Parisienne is Clémence Poésy. Here, in an interview, she gives her views on La Parisienne, which I've translated:

'I love the poem by Baudelaire 'To a Passerby': the story of an attraction between a poet and a stranger in the street, a Parisienne as beautiful as she is inaccessible. For me, it's that, the Parisienne, a women who walks and passes you without stopping. 

The cliché is that she is an icon of elegance. But in reality, what amuses me, is the layer of fakeness, the pretence of nonchalance, the Parisienne who says: "I've spent two hours in front of the mirror so that know one can tell I've made an effort." In fact, everything is carefully considered: Bad taste should be avoided at all costs, as well as ostentatious accessories... 

What I also love about her, it's the desire to talk for hours at a café about politics, art, film, literature... even when everything has been said, she goes on! This isn't an act, but sometimes it becomes a real headgame!'

What do you think is the secret to La Parisienne?

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