Tuesday, 8 October 2013

{Merci: Le Bon Marché}

Today we stopped by Le Bon Marché, a huge department store (think Harvey Nicks, dahling) with an enviable food hall. I had to tear myself away from the never-ending floors of high-fashion... it was a serious treasure box (but not for someone on an intern's budget!). 

Instead, we made a bee-line for the food hall, where you can find loads of international goodies as well as typically French fare. I spotted smarties, digestives, Walker's shortbread... all the key British delicacies! I imagine they are the perfect remedy for a homesick Brit.

At the patisserie counter, we purchased some chocolate cupcakes to try (strictly for business reasons, you see.) Later at home, and buzzing off Le Bon Marché cupcakes, we made our own. We also made marshmallow pops using ingredients from Le Bon Marché... totally sickly but so delicious! Here's a recipe if you're interested.

Merci to Le Bon Marché for the baking inspiration... and the beaut cupcakes! You haven't seen the last of us, I'm sure.

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