Thursday, 17 October 2013

{Paris by Day}

Last weekend we spent a lot of time walking around Paris, searching out cafés and shops on my wish-list and stumbling upon others by chance (which I often think is the best way to find places).

We started out at the Eiffel Tower, as it's something all first-timers in Paris must see. Ian commented that unlike other buildings which look amazing in photos and are a bit of a let-down in real life, the Eiffel Tower retains that wow-factor no matter the medium.

We then strolled over to Les Invalides, which I'd actually never visited before. It's a beautiful place which was originally a hospital and retirement home for war veterans. Now it houses the museum of the army, as well as the coffin(s - he had 7 layers!) of Napoleon. 

I stumbled upon Yves Saint Laurent's old house (pictured above) on our walk - talk about serendipity! After a long and delicious brunch we made it to Saint-Germain - another new one for me! This area, in the 6th, is a fantastic place to while away a few hours. 

It used to be the stomping ground for great literary figures like Hemingway, who would to write and get drunk in Les Deux Magots, pictured above. Now it's home to the chicest Parisiennes, so it's undoubtedly a great place for people-watching. Saint Germain is also full of cute little boutiques to explore. 

We caught this cat kipping on a car which suddenly reminded us how long we'd been walking and how tired our legs were - so we quickly nipped over to wonder at the Notre-Dame before wandering home to get ready for supper (more on that later...).

Ps. Here's a little snap I took at the Centre Pompidou the next day - nice lighting don't you think?

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