Wednesday, 6 November 2013

{Aux 2 Fondues}

Kaat & I seem to have a penchant for French fondue joints. We enjoyed a couple of memorable nights in Montpellier's version, so it seemed only natural that we tested out Paris' Aux 2 Fondues on lrue des Trois-Frères in buzzing Montmartre. 

This place is a bit of an institution, having been around for 20 years. The menu is actually the same as in Montpellier; for €18.90 you get an apéritif, a huge meat or cheese fondue, wine in a baby bottle, and a dessert. For an extra €2.90 you can finish your meal in gluttonous style with a chocolate fondue. We stuck to the wine, this time.

The restaurant is covered in scribbles and doodles from previous patrons, so of course we had to add our mark!

The food is delicious but that's not the real selling point. This place is the craziest in the whole of Paris (I dare you to come up with someplace louder and happier). The tables are crammed together so that if you're sitting against the wall, you have to get up on the table and climb over just to go to the bathroom. This often results in wooping and hollering from various merry groups in the room. If you listen carefully to the loud buzzing emanating from the restaurant, you'll be able to pick out about 17 different accents - this is a real Erasmus favourite.

Being squished together means that you're practically forced to talk to your neighbour(s), which of course we did happily. We met some hilarious Spanish guys and one girl, and ended up partying with them til about 1am when the grumpy but adorable waiter managed to kick us out. We were also serenaded by a very camp man dressed up as a pirate (it was Halloween), who sang Christina's Beautiful

If you're ever feeling lonely in the City of Lights, head down to Aux 2 Fondues, I guarantee you'll make at least one new friend for the night! Just don't wear anything tight, or you'll burst out of it by the end of the evening..

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