Thursday, 7 November 2013

{Brunch at Merci}

When I ask friends or fellow bloggers for recommendations in Paris, the first word out of their mouths is: Merci. No, they're not thanking me for bringing light into their lives; Merci is a huge concept store in the 3rd (not far from Bastille/on the edge of Le Marais).  

This iconic car welcomes you into their courtyard, which is the entrance to the three loft-like floors of beautiful (if expensive) goods. The best bit? All proceeds go to charity. Merci, I'm loving your concept.

Although we strolled around the shop, oohing and aahing at the clothes & jewellery, our purses were already feeling fairly light after a weekend of shopping in Paris. So instead, we settled down in the cosy sofas at the Used Book Café (Merci has three different cafés) to hide from the miserable rain outside.  

What a great decision. The café is warm and cosy, with used books (which are also for sale) lining the walls in a mis-match fashion. That particular morning, I was sporting a wine-induced hangover from Aux 2 Fondues, but brunch at Merci was the perfect cure. Kaat went for soft-boiled eggs with dippy soldiers (childhood nostalgia included) and a fresh orange juice. I had my first(!) proper cup of tea since arriving in Paris, to go with my scones - I am British, after all! All delicious, and our waitress even provided a little carafe of mint-flavoured water - it's the little things!

As we tucked in to our delicious food my gaze fell upon the couple opposite us, who we were sharing a table with. They were decidedly glamorous as they read their newspapers and drank tiny coffées, and we declared the lady a real Parisienne beauty. She was fresh from yoga (judging by the mat rolled up by her feet, anyway), and was sporting a killer outfit. Kaat in particular was drooling over her checkered top - we imagined it to be from some extortionately priced designer store. 

Imagine our surprise then, when we were later shopping at Zara, and Kaat pounced upon the very top in question! She had to buy it - this was Parisienne serendipity. That's what I told her, anyway.

A big 'Merci' to the Used Book Store at Merci - we've already been back and I know it won't be my last time eating cake on the cosy sofas! Not when they provide such great people-watching material.

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