Sunday, 24 November 2013

{Cocktails in Saint Germain}

For Kaat's last night in Paris, we wanted to do something special. So we picked up some champagne (OK fine, sparkling wine) and other goodies, and had a little pre-night out picnic chez moi while we got ready. We hopped on the metro full of fizz, headed for Saint Germain...

You can't see in this photo, but Kaat was wearing the most amazing sequin leggings, from H&M I believe. They were a grand success; all night she had people coming up and complimenting her disco ball pants. Little magpies...

My Parisienne friend Clementine had given us the scoop on the best bars in Saint-Germain for 'cocktails and cute boys,' but before we got there we were stopped in our tracks by this amazing 'Cupcatier'. Hvae you been to Cupcakes et Macarons? It's the smallest cupcake shop in Paris (next to Mabillon metro stop), as the lady behind the counter proudly told us. And boy is it tiny, just the beginning of a hallway really. I'm told what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in delicious cupcakes. Plus, it's open to 1am at the weekends, for a post-cocktail sugar hit! Oh Paris, things like this are why I love you.

If you're heading out for cocktails in Saint-Germain I recommend cruising the Rue du Seine. Our first stop was La Bar du Marché, a buzzing café/bar serving up beautifully-served cocktails by men in dungarees. Make sure to grab a seat outside for the best atmosphere and views. This is a real local hangout which makes it perfect for people-watching - Saint-Germain is the 'Parisienne' playground.

Our next stop was Café La Palette, just a small stumble walk up the road from La Bar du Marché. Here the service wasn't as good, as it was extremely busy, but they made up for it in other ways. We ordered our cocktails, but it had now hit midnight and we were feeling peckish. Glancing around at the other tables we spotted this mouth-watering charcuterie platter and we just had to have it. Everyone knows meat is the best accompaniment to cocktails, right? It definitely lived up to all expectations.

After our midnight 'snack' we headed to Nuba, a rooftop club on the other side of Paris to my humble abode. Sadly, although the location was beautiful (with a view over the Seine) - the club was pretty much empty. I'm told it's buzzing in the summer, so we may have to wait til then. Still, we had a perfect night of cocktails & meat in Saint-Germain, so we jumped in a taxi home without hesitation. Our driver took us all the way along the river, which meant incredible views and lots of squealing at famous monuments. A fabulous end to a fabulous weekend.

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