Tuesday, 26 November 2013

{Fondue au Chocolat}

Close friends & family - frankly, anyone I meet - will know that I'm quite the fan of chocolate. The guy made of chocolate in that Lynx ad? My perfect man. Last weekend I wandered down the Champs Elysées Christmas Market, practically drooling at the selection of chocolate on display. 

However, it must be said that the chocolate there had nothing on my latest find. I wish I didn't have to give my secret away, but it's too good not to share! The other weekend, I stumbled upon Les Fondues au Chocolat in Saint-Germain. This is the sight that greets you upon entering the boutique...

So. Much. Chocolate. The very lovely lady - who told me her shop was the only one in France to exclusively sell chocolate fondue - served us taste after taste of the good stuff. She sure does know her combinations too; pairing the best combos of fruit & biscuit with the perfect chocolate flavour. We remained at the tasting station for us long as possible, until the chocolate actually spilled out of my mouth and down my scarf - and then I deemed it time to move on. 

Ceramic pots upon pots line the walls of the little shop, with every possible chocolate flavour you can imagine. Apparently there are around thirty different ones, I've got my eyes on Chocolate Orange, Praline & Raspberry for my next visit. OKAY fine I've got my eyes on all of them. Here's a list of just a few..

We made our choice (Crushed Almonds) and promised to be back.. I think from my chocolate-stained face the lady knew I wouldn't let her down. Back home, we set up our little pot of heaven in a bain-marie for 10-15 minutes while we chopped up some fresh fruit from the market. It was just divine, a touch of luxury in my little Parisian studio...

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