Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Last weekend I ventured home to England for a long, glorious weekend of catch-ups and cups of tea. One of the most exciting parts, though, was that I was finally due an upgrade to an I-Phone! I've been deprived of one since the start of my contract, when myself and some friends charmed our way onto Centre Court at Wimbledon and managed to catch Heather Watson play. Well, I got so excited I dropped my brand-new (back then) I-Phone 4 on the floor and smashed it... making the free tennis tickets altogether less satisfying. Anyway, the best thing about being reunited with Apple? Instagram.

One evening, Ian & I decided to visit the much talked about Meat Liquor, just off Bond Street. Serendipitously, it was their Birthday that day - so if you brought along a helium balloon for each diner then you got half off the bill, result! While the cocktails were delicious & my simple bacon burger was to die for, we agreed that the cheese fries, Philly cheese steak & spicy wings were distinctly below average. Lesson learnt - the places with the most hype aren't always the best!

London was looking beautifully wrapped up in its Christmas lights, but I barely had a moment to blink before I was back in Paris - and greeted by a rare blue sky! On the photo below I'm using the Beautiful Mess app, which is just dreamy. Do join me over on Instagram, I'm @LotMill. 

The only downside to all this new I-Phone excitement? I had already purchased this beautiful case from Rifle Paper Co in the US in anticipation. Imagine my disappointment on discovering that the I-Phone 5 has been discontinued, so my only choices were the 5s and 5c! I went with the 5c (the cheaper option), but sadly this means my new phone doesn't fit in my lovely case. It does however fit all the 5 or 5s, so I am looking to sell it to one lucky lady (or feminine man). 

Although there is no packaging (I literally ripped the parcel open in excitement) the case is in perfect condition. All I've done is try it on my phone, you know, just in case. I paid $45.55 including shipping, which translates to roughly £28 or €34. I'm selling the case for £22 or €26, including shipping to France or UK (more for other countries). If you're interested, leave a comment below or send me an email at charlottemiller90@hotmail.com!

Ps. This weekend I had a German friend visiting and she bought me this beautiful Christmas candle, so I couldn't resist making a little Instagram video. Then we watched It's A Wonderful Life. 'Tis the Season!

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