Monday, 4 November 2013

{Old Haunts // Old Friends}

Last weekend, after a hectic day in Normandie, I headed to Gare du Nord to pick up a special arrival from Belgium. Kaat and I, like most of my European friends, met in the sun on our Erasmus year in Montpellier. We hit it off immediately, and spent a semester sun-bathing, bar-hopping and venturing as far as Barcelona to get our weekend kicks. After she left the South of France I went to visit her in Belgium, but that was the last time we saw each other... until now! We had a LOT to catch up on and lot of new places we wanted to check out, but I also took her to some of my old favourites...

We spent some time on the stairs of Sacré-Coeur, which is a must-do for any visitors to Paris (just beware the hawkers, don't let anyone put a bracelet on you!). A busker was singing old classics while strangers played along on the bongoes. The backdrop of Paris from high was incredible and the atmosphere was so unique - tourists with young children sat next to locals drinking sat next to us, all singing along to Greenday!

We also queued up for a LONG time to nab a tiny table at Angelina - famous for their hot chocolate which I've previously written about here. I have to say though, although the hot chocolate is really good, I think the novelty is starting to wear off. Maybe it's the fact that I'm no longer a tourist, but I think Angelina is something to do once and only once. Nothing is worth rude waiter service and an hour long wait in the freezing cold! Together, Kaat and I found some much cooler places which I'll be featuring on the blog this week...

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