Tuesday, 12 November 2013

{The Wall of Love}

Have you been to the Wall of Love in Montmartre? People have mentioned it to me over the years but I'd never found it (OK I'd never looked properly, but still) so I just figured it didn't exist. And then last weekend, I was strolling the hills of Montmartre with Kaat and what looms into the view? The Wall of Love! What a beauty.

The Wall of Love is located in the centre of the Abbesses garden - or just follow the amorous couples who have gravitated towards it. On it, the phrase 'I Love You' is written more than one thousand times in 300 different languages. Also, here's a fun fact - the bursts of red are meant to represent a broken heart which the wall is trying to gather together. Cute! Frederic Baron, the artist behind this project, knocked on all the doors of the embassies in Paris to find out how to say I love you in as many languages as possible. Now that's dedication to love.

Here's me trying (and struggling) to find I Love You in English on the wall, after too many mojitos the night before. You'll notice I am actually wearing running trainers to cushion my poor feet after my first proper night out in Paris - more on that later and please don't judge me for my sartorial faux pas.

Hey, I found it!

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