Monday, 9 December 2013

{Pain, Vin, Fromage}

'Tis the season for warm fires, fun in the snow and cosying down with good food & friends. If, like me, you can't escape to the countryside (or even better, the slopes) for a cheeky weekend away, then I've got the next best thing. Pain, Vin, Fromage will bring out the snow bunny in you for sure. As the name suggests, this restaurant near the Centre Pompidou covers the three main bases; Bread, Cheese & Wine (the meat on offer is also spectacular but I presume it was getting a little wordy). My friend Nele & I headed down on a chilly Parisian evening to warm our cockles with some classic French food.

Back in the glory days of Montpellier, Nele and I had a great routine going. After a day of basking in the sunshine at the beach, we would head back to our respective homes to shower away all the sand & saltwater. Feeling fresh and sun-kissed, I would head over to Nele's with a bottle of wine, and more importantly - some Reblochon (aka the best cheese you'll ever taste). Along with an assortment of our friends, we'd drink & barbecue into the night. The best part? Melting Reblochon on crispy French bread, on the grill. You've got to try it, it's just delicious! Naturally, when Nele spotted Tartiflette on the menu, she had to go for it. This French delicacy contains potato, bacon, and an entire wheel of Reblochon! Just look at it oozing away...

I went for a charcuterie platter which was just delicious, but my pièce de résistance (and the reason I just about contained my jealousy of Nele's Tartiflette) was the Aligot. This dish is a creamy mashed potato (none of those English lumps in sight) mixed with melted cheese to create little large spoonfuls of heaven.

As I left the restaurant, ready to enter my cheese coma, my eyes wandered to the other tables. Pots of fondue (both meat and cheese) were sizzling away, and raclette cheese was melting away on individual grills. I've already decided what I'm having for my next 3 meals at my new favourite place - vive Pain, Vin, Fromage!

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