Thursday, 12 December 2013

{Un Dimanche à Paris}

After one too many times waiting out in the cold at Angelina, I’ve been on the lookout for a delightful Parisian café specialising in hot chocolate. The trouble is, the method of pouring out Angelina’s thick molten chocolate from a large jug  into a delicate china cup is all part of the joy of drinking there – so I really wanted to capture that experience elsewhere. Luckily, other cafés in Paris have been more than happy to oblige – and without the hour-long queues and crazed tourists.

Un Dimanche à Paris is tucked away on a charming delightful side-street in Saint-Germain. I was drawn to the cobbled streets, almost reminiscent of The Lanes in Brighton. Here they serve up their specialty hot chocolate in delightfully bizarre jugs.

OK, so they don’t provide the lashings of Chantilly cream that Angelina does, but the chocolat chaud here isn’t so rich that the cream is needed as a bit of respite. Once you’ve enjoyed your drink in a leisurely manner (no pressure to get people in and out here), do head into the adjoining chocolate shop. It is an absolute feast for the senses – and that’s without even trying any of the goodies on offer.

You can even watch the chocolatiers and pâtissiers at work. Drooling on the windows probably not encouraged, but may be permitted - there's only one way to find out.

There’s every type of chocolate in every form imaginable – even chocolate swirled into Fois Gras. Come on, France, surely that’s too far? 

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Do let me know your favourite place for chocolat chaud in Paris – I’ve only got one week left in the city of lights (wah!) but I’m determined to sample the best before I go.

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